4 Awesome Hood Piercing Ideas To Look More Sensuous (2023)

While there are other piercing locations on female genitalia, vertical clitoral hood piercing is perhaps the most prevalent. Many factors contribute to its appeal. Whenever a beautiful piece of the jewelry is threaded into the clitoral hood, which may include bead, it might boost the wearer’s sexual enjoyment.

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Many people who previously failed to orgasm report that after getting this VCH piercing, people had an effective orgasm (a few for maybe the first time) and this is due to the fact that the vertical clitoral hood piercing is done in the hood that protects the clitoris, exposing one end of the jewelry to contact the clitoris, which increases sensation.

In fact, many women have their clitoral hoods pierced vertically for cosmetic and psychological reasons. They may assert their body and sexual behaviour as their own by wearing a beautiful piece of seductive body jewelry in a quite sensitive region.

Nevertheless, while getting such a sensitive place pierced, it’s critical that you do the homework. While other types of piercings may be done on the spur of the moment (though it’s still a good idea to find a respected piercing artist), you should visit a genital piercing expert, and you’ll probably want to arrange a consultation before the surgery.

After all, badly punctured VCH might cause hypersensitivity or inhibit stimulation, which would be the exact opposite of what you want.

Aside from the hazards of badly placed piercings, one must make sure if the clitoral hood can support this piercing and also that your allergies are taken into account. If you have a higher sensitivity in that location, VCH piercing may cause pleasure and excitation when you don’t want it.

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VCH (vertical clitoral hood)

Having your real clitoris pierced (through the glans) is extremely risky, and most studios will not perform it. The most frequent and attractive ‘clit’ piercings are clitoral hood piercings. You can have a horizontal clitoral hood piercing or a vertical clitoral hood piercing. However, most people choose vertical.

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How Bad Is A VHC Piercing?

You’re going to experience some discomfort because you’re piercing on such a delicate spot. Many people say it isn’t as horrifying as they imagined, and some even equate it to ear piercing.

You’ll probably feel aching for the rest of the day after getting your ears pierced, so dress comfortably in underwear made of cotton and sweats. You should also carry a pad with you to capture any possible bleeding. It’s crucial to remember that bleeding may not begin right away, so use a liner even when there’s no indication of blood.

The amount of discomfort you experience will be mostly determined by your own pain tolerance and the piercer’s competence (however, we’ll stress it again, always hire a genital piercer that specializes in these sorts of piercings).

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The Healing Process of VCH Piercing

This vertical clitoral shaft piercing is a reasonably simple piercing to heal. You should anticipate being healed in 4 to 8 weeks. Aftercare for this piercing is similar to that of any other piercing: clean it twice a day with sea saltwater solution and attempt to keep the jewelry from catching.

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Aftercare Of VCH Piercing

Aside from regular aftercare procedures, there are a few things to keep in mind as the VCH piercing heals. Here are a few helpful hints for a speedy recovery.

Keep an eye on what you consume.

You may be concerned that your pee may cause contamination in your healing VCH piercing. However, urine is really a fantastic cleanser. In fact, when the VCH piercing heals, it can assist rid remove any crusties. Acidified urine, on the other hand, may aggravate the piercing pain. Stay far away from acidic drinks and juices, and keep drinking a large amount of water to dilute your urine.

Wear cotton underwear that is tight and clean. Firmer garments will keep your jewelry in place and prevent it from tangling as one move. Be cautious when putting on the underwear; if you walk in the middle, it should not contact the VCH piercing, as you’ve now exposed it to loads of bacteria.

If you sit or run, be cautious

Curved barbells are a popular choice for beginner jewelry since they better complement your unique structure and should be barely noticeable while you go about your regular activities. When riding a bicycle, riding a motorbike, or somehow riding something, you will become more sensitive as you recover. After acquiring the VCH, it’s a good thing to take a vacation from these sorts of activities for at least 1 – 2 weeks.

Wait till it’s completely healed before playing with it

This might be aggravating, particularly if this piercing was done primarily for sexual reasons. Messing with it, like any fresh piercing, may lead to refusal and bruising, and your (and your partner’s) hands are full of bacteria you would not want to expose to your healing piercing. It’s advisable to avoid playing until the piercing has healed.

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Jewelry Styles of VCH Piercing Jewelry

Curved barbells, Straight barbells, and hoop designs are all acceptable for the vertical clitoral hood piercing. The one you pick will mostly be determined by how much pleasure it brings you.

Don’t be scared to experiment with various styles. You may pick between longer and shorter barbells, straight barbells, and hoops and see which one you like. You may also discuss your tastes with your piercer, who will be able to advise you on various styles you may enjoy.

Don’t be scared to use the VCH piercing jewelry to make a statement. A bezel-set jewel on the one end and a sleek ball on other provide some real glitter to your private parts. You may also go for a more elegant look by using pearl or imitation turquoise beads.

Is there any reason why I shouldn’t have The VCH piercing?

The depth of the clitoral hood must be sufficient to accommodate this piercing. Before visiting a piercer, you can perform the at-home test. Simply insert the lubricated q-tip within your clitoral hood. The majority of the tip must fit within to obtain this piercing.

You should not have this piercing if you are nervous about having a candid conversation with your piercing artist about your sexual interests or having them perform a thorough inspection of the pierced location. VCH piercing necessitates consultation, and location is determined by your anatomy as well as how you want to feel after the piercing. This piercing isn’t for you if you can’t have these talks or won’t let your piercing artist take a close look at the piercing region.

If you’re already hypersensitive, this piercing isn’t for you. The VCH piercing is intended to heighten the wearer’s receptivity. If you’re already hypersensitive, this piercing may be too much for you. You can, nevertheless, speak with your piercing artist about additional female genital piercings which you can maintain for cosmetic reasons.

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Hood Piercing Cost

For this piercing simply, plan on spending roughly $100.

When it comes to genital piercings, it’s critical to select a skilled piercer. Despite the growing appeal of genital piercings, most piercers have indeed performed them atleast once or rarely in their careers.

As a result, they lack the necessary knowledge to effectively debate and comprehend genital piercing locations. It’s also quite simple to get genitals pierced done poorly, so ensure you pick someone who understands what they’re doing. So be it if this necessitates a journey to another city or state.

Try to escape if your piercing artist approaches you with the forceps. This instrument makes it difficult to correctly put this VCH piercing, in addition to being quite unpleasant. It’s a clue that they’re unskilled with the genital piercings if they use forceps.

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Here are a few pointers to bear in mind:

1. Because of the physical restrictions of piercings, it’s advisable to consult with a genital piercing specialist.

Whether you want to be sure a piercer is legitimate, check to see if they’re a member of the Association of Professional Piercers (APP). The APP is a non-profit organization committed to informing individuals about proper body piercing techniques.

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Being a participant in the APP is a fine place to start when looking for a piercer. To put it another way, just because your piercer uses all of the correct sterilizing processes doesn’t mean they’ll know where the ideal area for a piece of jewelry is. As a result, it’s crucial to meet with a specialist who is open and responds to all of your issues.

2. After the piercing, you will need to use a condom during intercourse.

There are no exceptions. Even if you have a devoted monogamous spouse, it is advised that you should have delicate, safer sex with lubricated condoms. You should also avoid handling the piercing with unwashed fingers, as well as keep away from pools, lakes, jacuzzis, and other water bodies. Also, don’t engage in unprotected intercourse in any of those bodies of water.

3. You may need to wear a pantyliner or pad for several days following your piercing to allow your skin to recover.

Because the piercings may swell or bleed for a few days later, having an extra backup is beneficial. VCH and clitoral glans piercings require 4-6 weeks to cure, whereas HCH piercings take 6-8 weeks to recover, and triangle piercing takes 2-3 months to recover.

4. People with penises have additional alternatives for genital piercing.

While men’s and women’s genital piercings might be comparable (for example, Prince Albert and VCH), Angel points out that males have more exposed genitalia and hence more piercing possibilities.

Male genital piercings, meanwhile, take longer to heal than female genital piercings, despite having more alternatives.”

Since their genital measurements are bigger, some piercings, such as ampallang and apadravya (up or down through the glans), require much longer to heal than female [genital] piercings—roughly 6-9 months.”

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What is the duration of clit piercings?

These piercings have a propensity to diminish or shut very fast. “If you appreciate your piercing, it is recommended to leave jewelry somewhere at all times.” I re-pierce a stunning percentage of ladies who take their jewelry off for extremely short durations, only a few seconds—and lose the piercing!”

Is it true that clit piercing improves your sexual satisfaction?

There is proof that this piercing have a powerful effect on sexual enjoyment in addition to looking nice. This is due to the very small supply of nerves to this area of genitals being so close. Many individuals believe that having a VCH piercing would boost sexual enjoyment since the way jewelry sits puts more compression on the clitoris.

What is the best way to clean a clit piercing?

While this piercing is healing, clean them three to five times a day with Briotech’s topical skin spray. Simply spray the mist on and let it dry naturally or with a towel. It is recommended to clean the area surrounding the piercing with Cetaphil. Astringents like alcoholic peroxide should be avoided. “You might have a fungal infection as a result of that.

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