KYB Struts Review In 2023 (With Strength And Weakness) (2023)

KYB Struts are an excellent choice for the budget-conscious consumer. They offer a variety of different struts, depending on your needs and vehicle make. KYB has made it easy to find the right strut with its product series. The struts they offer can be a fun and easy way to improve your car’s suspension, handling, and stability. If you are in the market for new shocks or struts, KYB makes some great products that will help any car owner have an easier time on the road.

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Kyb strut reviews will answer all your questions about this important automotive part. You’ll find out if it’s a good replacement for you, what features to look out for, and who should really use them.

Who Is KYB Struts Struts For?

KYB struts are a great way to improve your car’s performance and handling, but who is it for?

KYB Struts Review In 2023 (With Strength And Weakness) (1)
  • Fun to drive: KYB struts are great for those looking to enjoy their ride. They protect you from bumps, give a smoother experience and they’re always fun.
  • Ride height adjustable: One of the best things about driving is that it doesn’t just take you where your heart desires. You can enjoy driving on any kind of road, whether they’re rough or smooth.
  • On and off-road use: KYB struts are the best for driving in any condition. They provide a high level of performance and can withstand wear from off-road use, so they’ll keep your car running smoothly no matter what you go at it.

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KYB Shocks And Struts Series

When it comes to your car, you want something that will keep up with life. That’s why they have a variety of shocks and struts available for all different types of drivers so they can find exactly what fits them best.

  • KYB excel-g shocks
  • KYB excel-g struts
  • KYB Strut Plus
  • KYB mono max strut
  • KYB mono max shocks
  • KYB truck plus strut
  • KYB loaded struts
  • KYB agx adjustable struts
  • KYB agx adjustable shocks
  • KYB leveling struts
  • KYB Excel-G leveling shocks
  • KYB lift struts
  • KYB legacy gt struts
  • KYB Excel-G off-road
  • KYB strut-plus complete assembly

The Features Of KYB Struts

KYB has a variety of struts and shocks for every type of truck, which gives you peace of mind knowing that your ride will be properly protected.

  • Twin-tube design: The KYB Struts feature a twin-tube design that provides superior performance and durability.
  • Uses seamless working cylinder: It specializes in suspension and steering systems. They use seamless working cylinders to provide an improved driving experience for your car.
  • Chrome-plated: These give the part even more durability and make it easier to clean because rust won’t be able to get through the surface easily.
  • Multi-lip oil seals: KYB Struts makes it easy to go on all journeys with their dependable, multi-lip oil seals. These precision-machined parts feature deflected geometry that prevents leakage and produces a slim design while still providing excellent reliability.
  • OEM quality: KYB makes world-class products that are considered to be the best in their class.
  • Steel outer shell: KYB has made its struts out of steel, which will protect it from accidents and provide better corrosion resistance.
  • Left and right specific design: The design elements behind this product allow engineers an opportunity to make sure everything works correctly before putting it all together on cars where anything can happen between production runs.

The Strength

KYB struts have been a favorite among enthusiasts of high-performance cars and trucks for decades. The strong, reliable design will keep your vehicle safe on the road while also providing an excellent driving experience with precise handling capabilities at all times.

  • Exact fitment: The design and engineering teams at the company are dedicated to providing customers with a perfect fit for their car.
  • Excellent control and handling: They add a smooth ride to even the most challenging roads, without sacrificing performance thanks in part to their engineering that offers both ASM (American Standard Manufacturing) and NASS(Japanese Association Society).
  • Adapt road conditions: KYB Struts are built to last with a fatigue-tested, corrosion-resistant coating that will keep up even through the toughest of conditions.
  • Durable: The durability of KYB Struts is what makes them the best choice for your car. These parts are built to last, so you don’t have to worry about replacing anything anytime soon.
  • Improve ride: KYB Struts enhance ride quality by providing a smooth and comfortable experience for drivers.

The Weakness

KYB struts have their benefits and drawbacks. The pros of KYBs definitely outweigh the cons, though.

  • Not easy to install: The KYB struts are not easy to install because of their complexity, but once installed they provide great performance. In some cases, you might need professional help as well.
  • Not come with a warranty: The KYB struts are not covered by a warranty, but you will never need to worry about them breaking. They’re durable and feature-filled without relying on a quality seal for their success.

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How Differentiates KYB Struts From Their Key Competitors?

The KYB Struts are a perfect match for any vehicle. They will improve the way your ride handles and ensure that you have an enjoyable drive every time.

  • kyb earns positive feedback from their customers for almost every shock and strut. Competitors, Like FCS Struts, don’t have this same success with products, which is why kyb has become so popular among drivers all over North America.
  • The wide range of fits ensures that your vehicle is covered, which competitors, Like Oredy struts don’t have as much choice with their products.
  • KYB Struts have all the latest features which can be perfect for performance where some competitors, Like TRQ Struts, don’t update their technology.
  • KYB Struts has excellent customer service that is unmatched by competitors.

Are KYB struts any good?

KYB strut is one of the most popular brands in performance parts because it’s manufactured and assembled right here on our shores, Japan. With over 24 years of experience designing high-quality car upgrades like shocks for nearly every make or model available today – KYBs struts are sure to give your ride an upgrade too.

Are KYB strut assemblies good?

KYB strut assemblies are an excellent choice for those looking to improve the handling and riding comfort of their car. I have noticed that they make my vehicle corner more easily, while still providing a smooth ride without any perceptible harshness or discomfort compared with OEM parts.

How long do KYB struts last?

With a life span of 7-9 years on average, KYB shocks are not as long-lasting and durable compared to other brands. However, there is hope that higher-end models can last up to twice a thousand miles before they need a replacement.

Is KYB an OEM?

KYB has been an OEM supplier for many car manufacturers, including Toyota and Nissan.

Is KYB better than Bilstein shocks?

KYB and Bilstein shocks are both great options for different reasons. KYBs offer more durability when it comes to off-road driving, but may not be as comfortable if you take your car into corners often or have very soft seats that lack support from the boron steel inner tubes found inside most modern cars today.

is kyb better than Monroe?

KYB suspension parts offer a more rigid ride than Monroe, and they’re great for rough roads. They may not be as good in softer terrain or when driving at lower speeds though because their responsive nature can lead to bouncing off of bumps rather than cushioned crashes with impact absorption qualities that protect your vehicle’s frame from damage during accidents.

is kyb better than duralast

Both brands have their benefits and drawbacks. Duralast shocks are more durable than KYB, but they don’t handle bumps as well on the road as KYB.

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Is kyb better than rancho?

There are many different options available to consumers, but when it comes down to ride handling and comfort KYB is definitely better than Rancho. KYB has a wide variety of products including their cheaper option which may be more affordable for some people while still providing great quality in comparison with other brands

What shocks are better than KYB?

Bilstein is known for its high-quality products, which are not only more reliable but also last longer than other brands. For example, a standard KYB shock will typically Only last around 100k miles before they start to fail on you – whereas Bilsteins can go upwards of 200+/- hundred thousand miles.

How to install kyb struts

Installing a new set of KYB struts can seem daunting, but with the proper tools and instructions, it can be a breeze. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the installation process step-by-step, so you can get your car back on the road in no time.

  • Locate the lug nuts on one of your wheels and loosen them with a socket wrench.
  • The jack should be in a standardized location, which can either help you lift your car or prevent damage from occurring if placed incorrectly. Use this guide to make sure that the correct spot has been found for yours.
  • Locate the mounting bolts on your strut and remove them using a socket or ratchet, then put in their place again when you’re finished.
  • In order to install new KYB struts, you’ll need access and remove the wheel from your vehicle. Once that’s done it is simply a matter of threading in both ends properly with no leaks.
  • The KYB strut should be installed by first pushing the mounting bolts through brackets and threading them onto nuts.
  • Tighten the bolts with a wrench while holding them steady by tightening their nuts.

Why Would You Choose KYB Struts?

There are so many good reasons why people love their struts and no matter which reason tops your list there’ll be something here for everyone.

  • The KYB brand is a trusted name throughout the automotive industry.
  • When you are off-road, your vehicle needs a strut that is well-fitted and durable. A good quality kyb suspension makes for an enjoyable trip in any terrain.
  • KYB shock and strut is the leading brand in aftermarket automotive parts. Their products can be used for any type of shock or strut that fit your vehicle’s needs, and they come with every kind.
  • They can always engage with their customers. One of the most important things about a company is its customer service.

KYB Struts Customer Reviews

The KYB strut is the most reliable and effective for improving car performances. It’s a lot more comfortable to ride in, which makes it easier on both new and experienced ones. Said by Gary P. Shipley.

Paul D. Jackson found that KYB Struts are not good after all because they create a problem over time and it’s totally wasted money to invest in them further than this point.

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KYB struts are one of the best for ride handling, they fit all vehicles and provide comfort. Derrick S. Cross also loved how many features KYB has that other brands don’t offer such as monomax strut or gas charged struts to name just two.

Final Words

The KYB struts review has helped you understand the features and benefits of this product. You can also check out other reviews on popular sites like Amazon to ensure that customers are satisfied with their purchase decision. Whether it’s deciding between standard or gas-charged shocks, or whether you are looking for something more specific like Sport Shocks, this is the place to go.

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