Red Bull Interview Questions and answers - How I Got The Job (2022)

Red bull is the world’s best-selling energy drink, with around 7 billion cans sold in a year. Red Bull dominates the energy drink market in the US. The Parent company Red Bull GmbH employs approximately 12,000 people worldwide. Interviews at Red Bull test your creativity to reach out to potential customers around the world. The most popular jobs at Red Bull are in sales, Marketing, Retail and managerial positions. The questions asked for Interviews are not complicated, but they do test your personality and your knowledge about the current market trends of the Energy-drink and beverage industry. See Red Bull Interview Questions and answers.

The Interview process at Red Bull

The Red Bull Hiring procedure differs according to the region and the position you are applying for, but the steps involved in the process are the same. If you are a job applicant at Red Bull or thinking of applying for any open position then, this guide is to prepare yourself for the Interview at Red Bull.

You can find Vacancies at Red Bull by browsing through their website or Linkedin. Most of the jobs are listed on the Internet. Once you have found a role you are interested in, The first step is to apply through

Fill in the Detailed application form

Once you have chosen a role that suits you. You need to fill an online application form, which is like a screen test. You will be required to answer various questions about yourself that will help the recruiter decide whether to move forward with your application or not.

You have to answer questions about your educational qualification or why you want to work with Red Bull? You can also expect analytical questions like ‘’How will you design an event for Red Bull that can serve as a marketing strategy.’’

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You need to think before you answer questions in your application form. Show confidence, optimism, and the ability to be creative and out-of-the-box thinking. Remember, the interviewer wants to assess what is not there in your CV or application form.

The online Test

Once your CV is short-listed by the hiring manager, you will be given an online assessment of 40 minutes to test your personality and how you will act in different situations that may arise while working at Red Bull.

This Online Test is a norm in European countries and is not mandatory for every role at Red Bull. Sometimes this step is omitted in the hiring process.

The telephonic/Video Interview

The video interview is the most crucial stage of the Interview at Red Bull and decides your employment at the company. The interviewers will assess whether you are fit for the company and the role you are applying for. You have to answer situational questions, and you can be asked about Red Bull’s marketing strategy in the market. You have to prepare yourself to answer some tough questions in this round of the Interview.

A visit to Red Bull

After the video interview, you will meet the hiring manager in person at your job location site. After a brief talk with Interviewers, there might be a Group-activity to assess how you perform with a team and a final presentation on your findings of the company.

The final shot!

If you clear all the rounds, you will be sent an email and offer letter to join the company.

The Interview process at Red Bull is not arduous, but you have to be confident, competitive, and ambitious to clear the Interview.

Questions asked at Red Bull Interview

Red Bull employees at Glassdoor have rated the difficulty level of Red bull Interview questions between 0 to 3 on a scale of 5. The questions are related to the brand, experience level, and Candidates’ interest in their roles. Below is a detailed list of questions and answers to help you with the Interview

1. Why do you want to work with Red Bull?

A. I want to grow myself as a successful Marketer, and Red Bull is known for introducing unique marketing strategies in the market, and it has been successful too. I see this as an opportunity to gain more experience and learn how marketing works in the beverage industry, and there is no better than Red Bull.

[ Your answer to this question should align with the role you are applying for, and it should reflect why do you want to work for this position]

2. Why are you suitable for this position?

A. I’m confident that I’m suitable for this position because I possess the required skills and qualifications, and my experience will help me bring justice to this role.

3. Why do you know about this brand?

A. Red Bull has brought a revolution in the energy-drink market. The brand has established itself due to its approach of keeping the audience first. The use of simple ingredients to create an energy drink is unique.

[Try to include unique things that you may know about this brand]

4. Red Bull values individuals who take initiative. Give us an example where you did a task without being asked?

A. We were working on a marketing campaign, and I noticed that our slogan is quite similar to one by our rival company. So, I changed the tagline, and then I informed my manager about it. Sometimes we have to do things the correct way and lead from the front.

5. Sometimes, we might ask you to work overtime because of the tight schedule, lack of staff, or shift changes at Red Bull. Will you be available in such situations?

A. I’m flexible regarding my work schedule, and I understand that wherever I will work, I need to put in some extra hours to get the task done, so yes, I am available to work overtime, but could you be a little more specific about this.

6. How would you deal with a conflicting situation when you are working in a team? Have you ever dealt with such a situation with a team member?

A. Yes, As a team leader, I often instructed my team members to complete the task before the deadline, but one of my team members was adamant and defied my orders, did things in his way. It was hard on the whole team when he was not ready to cooperate. So, we both talked, and after a negotiation, I finally convinced him to listen to me. I believe we can deal with conflicts by understanding the point of view of the other person.

7. What are the key strengths you possess that will help you at Red bull?

A. I am a very disciplined person, and I believe in completing tasks before the deadline. I am flexible to work with, and I do not hesitate to ask for help If I do not understand something.

8. How long will you work with Red Bull if we hire you for this position?

A. I am looking for long-term employment, and I don’t have any plans to quit this position as long as the company does justice to my role because I value my work and the organization I’m working with. I believe Working with Red Bull will make me an efficient and dependable person.

9. Why do you think Red Bull has difficulty establishing itself in the Asian markets except for China?

A. I think Asian markets are hard to dominate because people prefer local tastes in everything, and Red Bull has succeeded in introducing itself. We need to be more present in every part of the country and keep localizing our flavors for more presence in Asia.

10. Imagine I have never had a Red Bull drink before, and you have to convince me to have it. How will you do that?

A. I think I will do it by replacing your caffeine intake with a Red Bull Cola energy drink. All you need is one drink to convince you for another one.

[Try to come up with unique answers because such questions are going to be a part of your interview]

11. If I were to give you a Red Bull can right now, what will you do with it?

A. I think I’ll have a sip and energize myself.

[Think yourself what will you do with a Red Bull can and try to come up with a unique answer]

12. Do you know why Red Bull is called Red Bull?

A. The energy drink was inspired by a Thai drink named Daeng Krating, where Daeng means red, and Krating is Indian bison, and that’s how Red Bull got its name.

13. What do you know about the 30-60-90 day plan?

A. It is a Strategy document designed to achieve company goals in 90 days and usually given to the new employees. This plan helps us analyze an individual’s performance.

[ Research and try to prepare a comprehensive answer]

14. Have you heard of Red Bull racing?

A. Yes, it is one of the formula one racing teams owned by Red Bull GmbH.

[Research about Red Bull company before your interview]

15. If you were to give a new slogan to Red Bull, what would you like to suggest?

A. I think the present slogan is the best one but still if I have to create one I would suggest “Red bull- achieve your dreams’’ as I would like to emphasize that one must try again with new confidence even if they fail. This slogan would focus on the young people as they are the highest consumers.

[You can try to come up with a catchy phrase to make a mark in the interview]

16. If you have to introduce Red Bull in a new town, how will you attract people to the drink?

A. A sporting event would be a great idea to introduce Red Bull in a new town. We can arrange a sporting event and invite people from the city to participate, and the prize will be something like one free Red Bull drink for a week. This will attract people towards the store and eventually they will come again.

[Prepare a few marketing strategies before the interview]

17. What is the most fascinating part of your job that you like?

A. The fascinating part for me is being creative, where I have to work with a team and come up with new ideas to help the growth of the product.

[List all the things that you like about the position you are applying for]

18. How would you deal with a crisis at Red Bull that involves dealing with an angry consumer?

A. The first thing I will do is take responsibility for the crisis, and then I will try to reach our consumers and hear their grievances, and I will assure them that Red Bull will never disappoint its consumers and gather my team to solve the crisis.

[ Be ready for counter questions to your answer because you never know what the interviewer wants]

19. Many people feel that Red Bull is not healthy. What do you think about it?

A. I think it’s a misconception, and as a leading brand, we need to teach about the energy drink because no one would want to kill their consumers. We need to educate people about the contents of the drink and what would be the effectS if someone is drinking too much. Good research and development on the whole process will help us build a good image and consumers who can trust us.

20. What would you suggest to Red Bull to counter its competition?

A. I think Red Bull should expand itself in lesser-known regions and try to associate with people who are tired after a stressful day. The association with more people will help familiarise Red Bull with everyone.

[Try to come up with your answer and research about the marketing and sales strategy of the red bull]

Some common questions to expect

  1. Tell us something about yourself that is not mentioned in your resume?
  2. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  3. Why do you want to quit your previous job?
  4. Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
  5. How was your first Red Bull drink experience?
  6. What do you think about Red Bull’s rivals in the beverage industry?
  7. Why do you think we should hire you?
  8. What was your greatest accomplishment at your previous job?
  9. Give us an example where you delivered under pressure?
  10. Do you have any questions for us?

Prepare for these questions and research as much about the company you can, if you want to ace the interview.

Some tips to remember before your Red Bull Interview

  1. Be honest and to the point, don’t beat around the bush.
  2. Highlight your skills with your experience.
  3. Talk in the terms of ’we’ and not ‘you’ to sound optimistic.
  4. Ask questions to the interviewer when necessary, don’t just answer whatever you understand?
  5. Don’t get names wrong or sound robotic. Try to show what you are and why you are the best candidate for this position.

To Summarize

Red Bull values uniqueness, Teamwork, Creativity. Imagine if you were a Red Bull hiring manager how would you like to see a candidate. If you want to perform your best then, don’t let anything put you down. If you have graduated from a lesser-known college or you feel that you need more experience, just remember nothing matters as long as you are willing to make mistakes and learn more. Red Bull values loyalty so, just go with the flow and you will find your wings.

Red Bull Interview Questions and answers

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