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Do you hate using a traditional razor to shave? If you want to get a good shave, you should try some of the closest shave electric razors. These razors have a good design and plenty of features to help you shave safely and efficiently.

What’s the Best Closest Shave Electric Razor?

The best electric razors should do something different than your typical razor. That is avoiding razor burns, cuts, irritation and knicks to begin with. They also have to provide comfort while getting a razor blade cut.Here’s our top picks for electric razors that achieve it.

Our Top 7 Picks for the Closest Shave Electric Razors:

  1. Best Overall: Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor
  2. Best for Flexibility: Panasonic Arc3 Electric Razor
  3. Best for Budgets: Mueller Electric Razor
  4. Best for Sensitive Skin: Philips Norelco Electric Trimmer
  5. Best for Beards: Braun Electric Razor
  6. Best for Women: Philips Beauty SatinShave Electric Shaver
  7. Best for Travel: EESKA Multifunctional Lady Shaver

There’s a razor out there for everyone. However, the important thing to note isn’t only which is the best, but why would you ever want to get one?

Why You Need an Electric Razor

The 7 Closest Shave Electric Razors in 2023 | Dapper Mane (1)


An electric razor offers many benefits over a disposable one. First, you can save money because you won’t have to replace a full razor. You also don’t need to buy shaving cream or other products to get a clean shave.

Electric razors can also be more precise, which is nice if you want to experiment with different amounts of stubble. Plus, some electric razors are less painful than traditional ones, so you can use them in more places.

You should also use an electric razor if you need to shave on the go. These razors don’t even require water to work, which is nice if you’re running late for a meeting. But you can use them with water if you choose.

Best Closest Shave Electric Razors: Top 7 Picks

When looking for an electric razor that gets you the closest shave, you should consider a few options. The best razor for one person might not work for you, or vice versa.Here are some of the best closest shave electric razors to try:

1. Best Overall: Panasonic Arc5


The 7 Closest Shave Electric Razors in 2023 | Dapper Mane (2)

Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor ES-LV65-S


  • High-power motor
  • Five separate blades
  • Built-in pop-out trimmer
  • Waterproof for wet shaving


  • Relatively pricey
  • Oversized head is difficult to control
  • Shorter shave time than others

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The Panasonic Arc5 is a cordless razor with five blades that are precision-honed to 30 degrees. If you have a mustache, you’ll love the popup trimmer to get a more detailed shave. You can also get thousands of cuts per minute to shave more efficiently.

This razor is waterproof, so you can use it wet or dry. It also has an ergonomic design to make shaving more comfortable, and the travel lock keeps the blades from moving when in storage. If you need to travel, this razor offers universal voltage to work in different countries.

You can get a great shave, but you may have to be creative to avoid shaving facial hair you want to keep. Still, the powerful motor isn’t too loud, so it’s nice if you don’t want to disturb your partner or others in your home.

2. Best for Flexibility: Panasonic Arc3

Best for Flexibility

The 7 Closest Shave Electric Razors in 2023 | Dapper Mane (3)

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Panasonic Arc3 Men's Shaver


  • Flexible razor head
  • No need for water
  • Good for detail areas


  • May take a few passes
  • Short battery life

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Another razor from Panasonic, the Arc3 is similar to the Arc5, but the biggest difference is in the number of blades. This razor only has three blades compared to five, so it may be harder to get a close shave without as many strokes.

It has a foil system that helps you get a close shave, but there aren’t quite as many cuts per minute as with other razors. You do get a flexible razor head, which makes it easier to shave certain areas of your face and body.

There’s a popup trimmer that works for smaller detail areas. Plus, you don’t need water to use the razor, though you can shave in the shower. A single charge provides up to 40 minutes of use, and you can replace the blades when they start to dull.

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3. Best for Budgets: Mueller Electric Razor

Best for Budgets

The 7 Closest Shave Electric Razors in 2023 | Dapper Mane (4)

Mueller Electric Razor for Men


  • Affordable
  • Wireless
  • Decent battery life


  • Not for trimming
  • A bit bulky

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The Mueller Electric Razor is an excellent choice if you’re on a tight budget. It’s a wireless razor that you can charge within an hour, and you get 50 minutes of use.

The razor delivers about 18,000 cuts per minute, which is less than some razors but that’s still plenty for a good shave. That power doesn’t go down as you run out of battery, which offers you a consistent shave each time.

There are even LED lights that tell you the battery status and when you need to clean the razor to keep it in good condition. Plus, there’s a travel lock. This razor feels very durable and has quite a bit of weight.

It comes with a charging stand to keep from taking up a ton of space in your bathroom. However, it isn’t the best razor for trimming, so you’ll want to use it on shorter stubble instead.

4. Best for Sensitive Skin: Philips Norelco Electric Trimmer


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The 7 Closest Shave Electric Razors in 2023 | Dapper Mane (5)

Philips Norelco OneBlade Hybrid Electric Trimmer


  • Uses only one blade for your entire face.
  • Lets you shave your body hair too.
  • Four different stubble combs.
  • Cordless.
  • Provides 60 minutes of performance.
  • Skin guard for sensitive areas.


  • Might not be as precise.

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Another affordable choice to consider is the Philips Norelco Electric Trimmer. This razor comes with multiple head attachments to help you shave hair of any length. You can use the trimmer on your face and other parts of your body, so you don’t need multiple razors.

The cutter moves 200 times per second, so it’s efficient without sacrificing on comfort. That makes it one of the best choices for sensitive skin. Whether you have a skin condition or dry skin, you may want to test this trimmer the next time you shave.

However, to get a close shave, you’ll need to use the razor multiple times. If you shave daily, that might not be the worst option. But if you like to grow a bit of stubble and get a clean shave, you might want to look at other razors.

5. Best for Beards: Braun Electric Razor


The 7 Closest Shave Electric Razors in 2023 | Dapper Mane (6)

Braun Series 9 Electric Razor


  • Quite lightweight
  • Has a powerful motor
  • Delivers a close shave
  • Amazing 4.5-star average


  • More expensive than others (but so worth it)
  • Can be a bit loud

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When you want to trim your beard and shave parts of it, consider using the Braun Electric Razor. The tool has five shaving elements that help cover more ground in less time, so you can shave quickly and save time.

You can use it wet or dry, which also makes it more convenient. As you shave, there are sonic vibrations that help keep your skin feeling good. Plus, the razor has more power than some others you’ll find on the market.

It’s nice and quiet, but it can take a few times to get super close. You may also get razor burn if you aren’t careful when shaving. The Braun razor is also much more expensive than other options that work just as well or even better.

6. Best for Women: Philips Beauty SatinShave Electric Shaver

Best for Women

The 7 Closest Shave Electric Razors in 2023 | Dapper Mane (7)

(Video) ✅Best Electric Shaver for Head | Top 6 Best Electric Head Shaver Review In 2022 | Best Head Shaver

Philips Beauty SatinShave Electric Shaver


  • Hypoallergenic foil
  • Easy to travel with
  • No charging required


  • Not for thick hair
  • Requires new batteries

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The Philips Beauty SatinShave razor is perfect for women looking for a close shave. It uses hypoallergenic foil blades to keep you from getting cuts and nicks on your skin.

The razor is also compact and is easy to take with you if you need to shave on the go. You can use it wet or dry, and you don’t need to charge it. However, you will need to keep a stock of AA batteries on hand to power the shaver.

This razor is more affordable than some options, so it’s nice if you’re interested in electric razors but aren’t sure if they’re for you. Women and teens with less leg hair will get the best results.

If you have thicker hair, it may take a couple of rounds of shaving to get the closest possible shave. But the batteries last a long time, so you don’t need to replace them or worry about charging the shaver each week.

7. Best for Travel: EESKA Multifunctional Lady Shaver

Best for Travel

The 7 Closest Shave Electric Razors in 2023 | Dapper Mane (8)

EESKA Multifunctional Lady Shaver


  • Decent price
  • Good for sensitive areas
  • Easy to clean


  • Cheap quality
  • Nicks are possible

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Another affordable razor for women is the EESKA Multifunctional Lady Shaver. It is a 2-in-1 device that lets you shave your legs and more sensitive areas. You can swap out the razor heads, and you can clean out your hair easily.

The blades are hypoallergenic stainless steel, which is nice for your whole body. You can also use the waterproof razor in the shower without ruining it. When you’re done you can use the USB-C charger to power up the razor for the next time.

Charging does take a couple of hours, and you’ll get 60 minutes of use per charge. But it isn’t of the best quality, so you might not get a ton of use out of it. Even with the blades, you may still knick yourself.

Finding the Best Closest Shave Electric Razor for You

The 7 Closest Shave Electric Razors in 2023 | Dapper Mane (9)

Orion Production/Shutterstock

When you’re looking for the closest shave electric razors can give you, it helps to consider a few different razors. That way, you can figure out what features you need. Consider the following features that you might want to get when buying an electric razor:

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Blade Type

Many electric razors use foil blades, which is where there’s a thin layer of foil over the top of the razor blades. The blade pokes through the foil to help get rid of stubble. However, rotary razors have a few round heads that move in a circle.

These can help you get a close shave on places like your face. Neither blade is better than the other, so think about how you plan to use the razor.

Then, you can decide which one suits your needs and preferences. You can even get one of each type of razor to have them on hand for when you want to switch between the two.

Wet and Dry Shaving

One of the benefits of electric razors is that you can use them dry, which means you can shave anywhere, and you can save time. However, some razors also work in the shower.

If you want to use the razor with water, consider if it’s waterproof. That way, you will still be able to use the electric device later on.

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Ease of Cleaning

Because you don’t throw away an electric razor after a few uses, you need to clean it to get your hair out. Consider if you can remove the razor head or if the razor comes with cleaning supplies.

That way, you can determine how easy it will be to clean the device. That’s especially important if you shave frequently because cleaning can take a lot of time.

Battery Chargers

You may also want to think about if an electric razor uses a charger or AA batteries. Most electric razors come with charges, you can use them with a cord or cordless.

However, some razors, especially cheaper options, may use AA batteries. That can be nice if you don’t have easy access to an outlet but still want to use an electric shaver.

Low Battery Warning

No matter how often you shave, consider if the razor will warn you of a low battery level. If the razor does warn you, that can help you prepare to charge it.

Then, you can avoid being in the middle of shaving your face and having the razor die. Some razors take an hour or two to fully recharge, so you might not get an even shave.

Automatic Shutoff

Speaking of chargers, you should consider if the charger will shut off when the battery is full. If this isn’t the case, you may need to be watchful of your charger.

That way, you can unplug it when the battery is full to maintain battery life. While batteries have gotten better, some may affect your battery life if you overcharge them.


When searching for the best closest shave electric razors, consider brands. Some brands, such as Braun and Panasonic, are very reputable. Other companies may make good razors, but that doesn’t mean they’ll work for you.

If you’re looking to shave your face or another delicate area, you want to choose a brand you trust. That way, you can get a good-quality razor that won’t cause as many cuts.


It also helps to know what you’ll get with the electric razor. You don’t need shaving cream or other products, but you may want extra blades that you can swap out. If you plan to travel with the razor, a travel case is another useful accessory.

You should also know if the razor will come with a charging cable and an adapter for your outlets. Think about if a razor comes with these and if not, where you can buy them so that you have what you need.


Of course, you should think about your budget when buying an electric razor. Some razors cost much more than others, but the most expensive one isn’t always the best. Take a look at things like the power, battery life, and design.

Then, you can make sure to choose a razor that you can afford and that will meet your needs. But remember, you usually get what you pay for, so consider investing a bit extra to get a nicer razor.

Closest Shave Electric Razor FAQs

The 7 Closest Shave Electric Razors in 2023 | Dapper Mane (10)

Dean Drobot/Shutterstock

If you’re still unsure about the best electric razor for you, you aren’t alone. Before you buy the first razor you find, consider a few questions and their answers. Then, you can make sure you like the razor you select.

Can Electric Razors Give a Close Shave?

Some electric razors can give a very close shave, and the best will get as close as a traditional razor. However, other electric razors may not get as close.

The closeness depends on the design of the razor, the blade, and the power. If a shaver doesn’t get close the first time, you can do a second round to get an even closer shave.

Should You Shave With or Against the Grain?

You should shave with the grain when using an electric razor. This will minimize the chances of skin irritation and razor burn.

If you find shaving with the grain doesn’t result in a close shave, you can go against the grain. Just make sure you’re careful to keep from nicking yourself in the process.

Should You Shave Wet or Dry?

You can shave wet or dry with most electric razors. Shaving dry allows you to save time, and you don’t need to worry about using water or shaving cream.

However, shaving wet, even with an electric razor, can help you get a better, closer shave. If you have time, you may want to use water to improve the results of your efforts.

Which is the closest shave possible?

To get the closest shave it’s important that your beard pores open and you can accomplish this with steam. Prepare a hot shower and use oil to lubricate the skin.

Once you do this grab your shave brush and apply the shaving cream. Before beginning shaving, pull your skin and stroke. This gets the closest shave possible.

Which is best for your skin, electric shaver or razor?

To avoid any nicks, irritation and cuts, an electric shaver is the best option, which also provides more comfort than a normal razor. People with sensitive skin should consider changing their method from razor to electric shaver.

So, What’s the Best Closest Shave Electric Razor?

When looking for the closest shave electric razor, you have a few options. You can look for an expensive razor with a lot of power and extra features or opt for something more affordable that does the job.

Either way, look at a few razors in your budget to see which best meets your needs so that you can look forward to shaving and getting a clean look.

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Which razor gets the closest shave? ›

If you want the closest possible shave and don't need extra features, the Bevel Safety Razor is the blade for you.

Is Braun better than Philips? ›

Should you get a Braun electric razor or a Philips electric razor? Both Braun and Philips offer long-lasting electric razors that provide a smooth shave. With its foil shaving system, Braun is better for those who prefer a more traditional shaving style akin to a manual razor.

Which is better a foil or rotary electric shaver? ›

Ideal for shaving with gel or foam

While Philips Norelco rotary shavers can be used wet or dry, it is the ideal tool to shave with gel or foam. Compared to foil shavers, the rotary system captures more of the foam in the system, ending in less smearing and less mess.

Do any electric shavers give a close shave? ›

The foils and circular heads of electric razors keep your skin and the cutting mechanism from achieving contact, making it impossible for them to “shave as close as a blade.” No matter how thin those barriers are, you'll never get the cutting part of an electric shaver as close to your face as a standard razor blade.

Is there an electric razor that shaves as close as a blade? ›

Yes, some of today's modern electric razors are capable of providing very close shaves while still remaining adequately comfortable. But to put it bluntly, some shavers are simply better than others when it comes to cutting the hairs very close to the skin.

Is it better to shave wet or dry with an electric razor? ›

Dry shaving results in fewer nicks and cuts than wet shaving. This is because the blade of an electric shaver doesn't actually come into contact with the skin and therefore can't cut you. With wet shaving on the other hand, it can take a bit of concentration and practice to ensure you don't nick your skin.

What gives the closest shave? ›

How to Get the Closest Shave
  • Shower. The steam opens your pores and softens your beard.
  • Use a few drops of preshave oil to lubricate and protect your skin.
  • Apply shaving cream with a shave brush. ...
  • With your free hand, pull your skin taut before each stroke. ...
  • Shave with the grain. ...
  • Apply aftershave, followed by moisturizer.
Sep 21, 2010

How much should I spend on an electric razor? ›

Shave Time off Your Morning Routine With an Electric Razor

Expect to pay at least $60 for most models and $150 or more for some. They're also expensive to maintain. You'll need to replace the head every six months to two years, at about $25 to $45 each.

Which Best Buy men's shavers? ›

9 best electric razors for men
  • Best budget buy: Remington R3 Rotary Shaver.
  • Best luxury shaver: Philips S9000 Electric Shaver.
  • Best for battery life: Wahl Lifeproof Plus Wet/Dry Shaver.
  • Best fully waterproof shaver: Wahl Lifeproof Shaver.
  • Best for travel: Remington R6 Rotary Style Series Aqua Shaver.
Mar 25, 2022

Which is better Norelco or Remington? ›

The Multigroom 3000 has a stronger motor, battery, cutting teeth, robustness of attachments, and overall feel. While the Remington PG6025 and the Philips Norelco Multigroom 3000 are both affordable, it's my opinion that the Multigroom 3000 is better quality and get's the job done.

What is the best angle to use an electric shaver? ›

Hold the shaver at a right angle (90°) to your skin and shave against the direction of beard growth. Also keep in mind that avoiding going over the same areas over and over again helps in preventing a shaving rash. Keep the pressure even to achieve the best possible clean shave.

How long do electric shavers last? ›

It's recommended by most brands that foils and blades should be changed every 12-18 months to continue the performance of your electric shaver. Some men might have coarser, thicker hair and if they're shaving daily, they may need to change their foils and blades earlier than the recommended time.

Do foil shavers get as close as a razor? ›

The foil captures the hair with its holes, cutting it close to the skin and offering a close shave. Foil shavers offer the closest shave due to its micro-foil which aligns skin without feeling the shift of skin, like when using a rotary shaver.

How many blades is best for a close shave? ›

With a multi-blade razor or shaver, the first blade catches the hair, dragging it in the right direction, while subsequent blades cut the hair. This means you need a minimum of two blades to create an effective and close home shave.

What do barbers use for a close shave? ›

Traditionally, barbers use a straight razor because it's the sharpest tool in their kit, and in the right hands, nothing can touch a straight razor for a close, consistent shave. Still, you might prefer to use high-quality disposable razors because of sanitation concerns.

How can I get a close shave without breaking out? ›

Always shave immediately after or while in the shower so that the skin is soft and wet. Always shave in the direction that the hair grows. This causes less irritation and inflammation, thus less acne as well as less risk of contributing to ingrown hairs on the face.

What razor does not leave bumps? ›

Bevel safety razor

If you're prone to shaving bumps, ingrown hairs, and irritation, then you should consider the switch to a safety razor. Bevel's safety razor is weighted perfectly to give you a smooth, single-blade shave that won't ravage your skin.

Why is my electric razor not shaving close? ›

Applying too much pressure. An electric shaver will never shave as close as a blade; there is a physical barrier between your skin and the cutting blades in the form of a foil or guard/comb. Some shavers will get really close, but the aforementioned aspect still remains true.

Which razor does not cut skin? ›

Gillette® SkinGuard is our first razor specifically designed for men with sensitive skin and razor bumps. The razor shaves hair and the protects the skin, thanks to its unique SkinGuard positioned between the blades. It works to minimize tug and pull and cut hair at skin level, helping to prevent irritation.

Should I use shaving cream with an electric razor? ›

Many electric razors are indeed meant to be used for dry shaving, and no, you absolutely do not need Shave Cream when using them.

What are the side effects of electric shavers? ›

Electric shavers can be painful on longer hair, and they don't give anywhere near as close a shave. Often, you have to go over one patch of hair multiple times, and you'll still look like you have 5:00 shadow. They also are more prone to making small nicks on your skin, leading to razor bumps and acne.

What shaves everyday but stays the same? ›

The answer to this quiz is simple. The answer is “a barber”. If you are still puzzled by the answer, keep reading. The riddle was, “I shave everyday but my beard is the same.

What gives the smoothest shave? ›

There's a good reason: “Letting your skin sit in a wet, warm environment allows for your skin and hair to soften,” says Whitney Bowe, a dermatologist in NYC. Softer hair and opened-up hair follicles (from the steam) make it easier to get a close, clean shave—so you're less likely to feel new stubble later that day.

How do I get the closest shave at home? ›

How to get the closest shave at home
  1. Have a hot shower first. ...
  2. Give yourself a home-made hot towel treatment. ...
  3. The next step is to lather your stubble using a shaving brush and ADAM Classic Shaving Cream. ...
  4. Shave with your razor of choice. ...
  5. Once you've finished shaving, hydrate and soothe your skin with a post shave balm.

Who makes a better shaver Braun or Panasonic? ›

This may vary from one user to another, but I find Panasonic shavers to work better with shaving cream compared to Braun. Precisely, the comfort is improved to a higher degree and the shaver also deals better with flat-lying hairs.

What to look for when buying electric shaver? ›

Ergonomics: It's important that your electric shaver is comfortable and easy to use — e.g. slip-proof handles, timers and comfort settings. Shower usage: If you prefer to shave in the shower, make sure your electric clippers are fully waterproof, not just washable.

How long does it take for your skin to get used to an electric razor? ›

Adjusting To Your New Shaver

Give yourself a week or two for your face to adjust to the new shaver. If you have been using a blade razor, then you must give your face a minimum of two to three weeks to adjust to electric shaving.

How often should you oil your electric shaver? ›

Lubricate the blades

The key to keeping your blades in the best condition is to add a drop of oil after each use, according to DeAngelis. Apply a drop of oil to each cutting surface, and run the shaver for about 20 seconds, to spread the oil around.

What is the difference between Philips and Philips Norelco? ›

Norelco is the American brand name for electric shavers and other personal care products made by the Consumer Lifestyle division of Philips. For personal care products marketed outside the United States, Philips used the Philishave trademark until 2006. Philips then dropped that name and began using the Philips name.

Is Norelco made in USA? ›

A: Hello! This Norelco AT810 is manufactured in China.

What happened to Remington shavers? ›

The combined company became the Sperry Rand Corporation and continued to market shavers under the Remington brand. In 1979, Sperry Rand sold off a number of its divisions, including the consumer products. Victor Kiam bought the electric shaver company in a leveraged buyout.

Is Remington a Chinese company? ›

Remington Arms Company, LLC was an American manufacturer of firearms and ammunition, now broken into two companies, each bearing the Remington name.

Should you wet your face before using an electric shaver? ›

I may just try it one of these shaves! Step 6. Treat your entire shaving area with a facecloth soaked in warm (close to hot, but not so hot as to burn) water. This step is important for any wet shave (manual or electric) because it softens your facial hair and makes it easier for your razor to cut.

Should you shave before or after a shower with an electric razor? ›

Electric razors perform better on a dry face

If you use an electric razor, then the best time to shave is before showering. Electric razors are far more efficient on dry skin, than wet. If you're part of the electric razor crew, stop reading and go shave your dry face!

Does drying your razor make it last longer? ›

Some men do this in an attempt to dry the blades and help lengthen the life of the blades, but instead they're likely damage the blades and setting themselves up for a less effective shave. Instead, allow your blades to air-dry.

How often should you shave your head with electric razor? ›

If your scalp is sensitive and is easily irritated, let it calm down at least a day after a shave. Otherwise, you can shave your head every other day or max 3 times a week. And if you are a hard lover of a clean and smooth shave and your hair grows really fast you can try shaving your head every day.

What razor gives the closest shave? ›

If you want the closest possible shave and don't need extra features, the Bevel Safety Razor is the blade for you.

Which electric shaver is best rotary or foil? ›

In a few words, choose the Foil shaver if you have sensitive skin, fine hair, and you prefer a smooth and clean shave. If you want to shave your face, go for foil. Pick the Rotary shaver if you want to shave your head. Also, it is the best choice for those with strong facial features and dense or coarse hair.

Are 3 or 5 blade razors better? ›

Five blades (at the right distance apart), rather than three, reduces that bulge, which means the skin is more even, with bulging reduced by more than 30% (Fusion5 vs. Mach3). As a result, you get a close, comfortable shave, and you're less likely to cut yourself.

Are 4 or 5 blade razors better? ›

Some dermatologists say the five-blade design smacks of overkill, because more blades mean more friction, and friction irritates the skin. "When you add more blades, there's a greater chance of nicks and razor burn," said Dr. Ezra Kest, a dermatologist in Beverly Hills.

What gives the best shave? ›

For the fastest and easiest shave, an electric razor will likely be the best bet, and some of our experts say that using one can also reduce the occurrence of ingrown hairs. “For those who don't like the traditional methods, I recommend foil shavers,” says Langevin.

Should you use shaving cream with an electric razor? ›

Many electric razors are indeed meant to be used for dry shaving, and no, you absolutely do not need Shave Cream when using them.

How many shaves should you get from a 5 blade razor? ›

Ideally, you want to change your razor blade after 5-10 shaves. Gillette actually recommends 5-7 shaves, but this is just a general rule and it actually comes down more to the thickness and density of your facial hair.

Do you get a closer shave with more blades? ›

Hence, more number of blades can cut the hair closest to the skin, and this will help you achieve a close and clean shave. Simply put, more blades definitely help give you a closer shave.


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